Room 503 – Krystal Beach

So you visit a hotel once, stay there, like it and go back again….right? Wrong! You go full out swimwear shoot, champagne for days and food galore. You take it so far as to even get a full body wax and spray tan just for the occasion!

So, I recently became the new South African Brand Ambassador for CH collection, a one of a kind men’s swimwear and underwear range. Which you can checkout more about at

You just clicked that link, didn’t you? If not, you should. The boys are good looking 😉

Yes yes yes, I know, I don’t have as much muscle and abs like most of the guys on their page, but also a good thing, considering where I stayed during my first shoot for them, will make anybody want to put off that diet for just a few more days.

Now I have stayed at the Krystal beach Hotel before, but nothing could compare to the room I walked into this time, not just any room. It Was room 503…

Friendly staff that new me by name when I walked in, wifi to post Instagram stories and show you all that I have a life, drinks so I can cope with my manager & photographers insane requests, a very comfortable bed for me to chill on while my manager moans away at me, huge ass bathroom with a shower that is pretty much a quarter of the room….I needed it to wash off all the spray tan. A private top floor balcony & swimming pool overlooking the Gordons bay……uhm…..bay. Just thinking about it puts me in the mood for a weekend away.

Eventually after an hour or two of shooting, 3 wardrobe changes and I cant recall how much champagne. Like any model, I got a tad hungry. Like literally a sandwich will do. But no. Not here. Not in Krystal Beach Hotel. The amount of food that was brought to my room could have fed a small army, because good heavens the portions are generous. Not comes the question, quantity over quality? Never.

The food was out of this world. Calamari, mussels, Chicken livers. The slow roasted pork belly with crispy baby potatoes, seasoned veggies & bone broth is a definite must try. Weather you stay at the hotel or not, if your in the area, make sure to pop in for a bite or a cocktail. Especially considering the awesome specials they have. Check it out:

Eventually, I felt like a Zoo Lion. I was fed and now I wanted to sleep. But work comes first. We carried on shooting for a few more hours until eventually we covered everything we needed to and it was time for bed. So after my shower, my food baby and I got into a HUGE bed covered in a bedding material that is softer than cotton and smoother than the skin of a friendly snake. Needless to say, I was gone.

The next morning, I had my coffee on the balcony admiring this one of a kind view and the peaceful tranquility of the bay. Downstairs you could see staff hustle and bustle around the massive downstairs swimming pool, running to make sure guests are taken care of.

 I saw people running along the sidewalks of the Venice styled buildings surrounded by water. It made me feel like I need to do something active. So I took the private elevator all the way down past the gym and went to breakfast. A spread as far as you can see. Seasoned fruits, the bacon of an entire pig, toast, scrambled eggs (Good ones, not the horrible ones you normally get in a hotel), sausages, yogurt, juices, food, food everywhere!

Eventually my manager came over and said it was time to head out. I nodded my head as a I finished the last of a breakfast I would drive back to Gordons Bay for. What an amazing stay.

A very big thank you to Abrie & The Krystal beach staff for the amazing time. I will be back again soon.

Be sure to check them out on social media or pop in for a drink and a snack the next time you are in the area.


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