African Palm Cottage – Review

Lets talk paradise in Durbanville.

For those of you who have followed my social platforms and blogs know that I’m a pretty big fan of Champagne day, bubbly festival or any opportunity to have a good glass of wine. But with that comes the thought of responsibility and considering your own life and the lives of others. So whenever these events come up, I’m very fortunate to always be hosted by a near by guesthouse, hotel or lodge. This was the case on the day of the Meerendal Bubbly festival.

So for this trip, I was lucky enough to be hosted by the African Palm Cottage in Durbanville. I don’t know what it is about me, but I always get hosted by places that makes me never want to leave. Both a blessing and a curse as I get to stay in some extraordinary places but also feel like a child loosing a toy when I have to leave again.

But lets focus on the positive for now…..
Arriving at the African Palm Cottage I immediately got the feeling of a modern Tuscan / South African style villa. The beautiful cottages and main house surrounded by its beautiful gardens and the towering palm trees that toss their shadows against the cladded walls of the main building and gracefully overlooking the pool area and center garden. All of this surrounded by high walls and some strict security to make you feel safe and right at home.

Me being the animal lover that I am, Of course veered towards the beautiful fluffballs walking around the property. Diesel and Casper the two resident Labradors came to say hello and spent most of the afternoon with me next to the pool.

The cottage I stayed in reminded me of what I would imagine my forever home to be like one day. A side entrance takes you right in-between the beautifully modern and exquisite white kitchen, the dark wood dining room table and the large leather couches of the lounge. Walking further into the cottage you will find a collection of doors in every direction. 1, a guest loo. 2, a double bed room with built in cupboards with a beautiful view of the wrap around gardens. A main bathroom with a generously sized shower, you all know why this is important by now. The Main bedroom has floor to ceiling cupboards in the shape of a U, with enough packing space to even satisfy Cher’s wardrobes for an entire show. Ant to top it off a big curtained sliding door that leads to a shaded outside garden with a dining set and private garden. Walking around the cottage you will find the paradise section I’ve been talking about.

Imagine for a second, a lush lawns, crystal clear water, towering palm trees, birds flying from tree to tree….yes, this is what I call paradise. The twist, Diesel and Casper that will come and chill with you next to the pool while you dangle your feet in the water. When you close your eye, tilt your head back and turn your face to the sky, all you here is peace and quiet….

For more information on the African Palm Cottage follow them on social media or check them out at:

Facebook: African Palm Cottage


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