Silver Forest Lodge & Spa – Review

Come again for big Fudge….

So as confusing as the title of this blog / review may be, I can promise you there is a very good reason behind it. The saying comes from one of my favorite TV shows, “How I met your mother” Whenever Marshall was confused he would say: “Come again for big fudge”. However, I have a bit of a different motivation.

Getting ready for the biggest social events of the Cape Town calendar, The Citron Pink Polo. I was so fortunate enough to call Silver Forest Lodge and spa my home for the evening. Might I just already say that whenever I walk into a place and I am welcomed by either a Afrikaans person or a person with an English accent, I am already happy. Meeting owner and manager of Silver Forrest Lodge & Spa, Penny, put me in my element when she said hello in the most beautiful English accent I’ve heard in a while.

Welcomed into reception, I was given a rosemary flower to press between my hands and inhale the aromas of the flower as a way of releasing stress and to start of what looked to be one very relaxed stay. After I cleaned my hands with the complimentary towel, I got another one of my favorite guilty pleasures, a glass of bubbles. Remember that title? I’m going to get to that right now. After the hello from Penny that put me in a state of happiness, the rosemary cleans, the champagne and the amazing welcome from Penny’s extremely professional and friendly team, I met the main peanut of the packet, Fudge. A 13-year-old Fox terrier. By now, I’m over the moon as this guy came to sit on my lap.

I was escorted to my room, with Penny’s team assisting in carrying my luggage, because as you know I pack like a girl. I walked around the main building past the gorgeous pool, outside dining area, braai place, outside pizza oven, beautifully decorated restaurant and bar to a collection of rooms that have a true forest view and feel. And what better place to later enjoy my glass of champagne or my next days morning coffee.

The room sports gorgeous decor and no expense was spared to make anyone staying here’s visit more comfortable. From the Smart TV with YouTube and Netflix enabled. To the beautiful cupboards, safe with a PowerPoint inside of it, the bed that I can starfish on without touching sides, the hanging bedside lamps, the super-fast Wi-Fi, the kitchenette with every amenity you could possibly need. Saving the best for last and probably my favorite place, the bathroom. Oh, what a bathroom. I went and took a shower almost mid-day just to experience this. Walking through the sliding door these is a big floor tub to your right, double basin, illuminated under counter lighting and a rain shower with enough space for me to do a full on 13 song set list performance. Because as you know, I sing in the shower. I quickly grabbed my body bag size toiletries bag and I was in the shower.

After my “I-hope-this-never-ends shower” I popped into the restaurant for a quick dinner. Again, greeted by the friendly staff, Penny and of course Fudge had to make his appearance as well. Back on my lap we went through the wine list and Tapas menu for the evening. And I promise I did not have too much champagne but I’m pretty sure Fudge recommended the Tapas for 2. A collection of Calamari, cream cheese stuffed peppadews, chicken breast, fishcakes, breads, potato cubes and meatballs and to top it off a never been seen before salad. I’m not even going to try and justify it because I am not lyrically educated enough to describe how amazing it was. You will just have to go and experience it for yourself.

So, this does not sound like much but the sheer amount of food for R450 is baffling. For a moment I thought we might need to get a separate table just for the food and start a little buffet.
Walking back into my room, my bed has been turned down, a slate with “sweet dreams” written on it next to my bed was overshadowed by the two shots of Amarula standing next to it.
Look I’ve stayed in some fancy places before, but very little with the same amount of heart and feel like this. The only thing I wish I could achieve was getting the staff to stop calling me Sir. But despite my best efforts, the stayed true to form and continued to “Sir” me for the remainder of my stay.

But getting into bed, I started watching a horror movie on Netflix, as one does on a stay over. To be honest, the bed, pillows and duvet enveloped me so that I don’t even thing I made it past the first scene. All while remaining super cool in the air conditioned room.

Fast forward a couple of hours, I woke up in my very dark room expecting it to be 6am and yet again, I overslept, and the blackout curtains did their job.

I quickly jumped into my shirt and shoes and I was off to breakfast. Boy oh boy if there is one thing I enjoy more than dogs, friendly people and people with English accents, it’s a proper breakfast. Juices, I’m talking proper pitcher of juice for yourself, smoothie mix, croissants, toast, yogurt, muesli spread across what seemed to be an endless island of breakfast goodies. Quickly greeted by Natasha my server for the morning, I decided not to potentially risk the chance of not fitting into my outfit later and went for a conservative, eggs, toast, bacon, juice and cappuccino. Speaking of servers or service for that matter, these guys make it very hard for you to find something wrong, because at least every 10 minutes someone’s watchful eye scans over you and if you even remotely look like you need something, you will be asked if there is anything they can do for you. If you stay here and fell short of anything or didn’t have a good time, it will be my opinion that its your own fault.

After breakfast the feeling of a child having to go back to a hostel after a weekend at home started to set in. I used to go to boarding school as a child, believe me it’s a thing. This feeling put its hand on my shoulder as it was time to pack up and get on with my day. I packed up, loaded the car, unwillingly returned the room keys to Penny and had to say goodbye.

As I drove off, I thought about the gorgeous garden views of the property where I sat and started writing this review and then I remembered that I didn’t get a chance to try out their spa. Now with a valid reason to come back, like in a movie seen, I got a smile of content on my face as I drove off with my new found justification and reason to come visit again.

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