Wind-Rose Guest House Review

Pick a fight so you can come live here…

So after a two day stay in Gordons bay, having seen enough ocean for 1 day. I extended what I call my get over yourself week a little and checked into the Wind-Rose Guest house. Calling this a guest house does not really sit right with me, because this doesn’t feel like a guest house, from the farm view drive through small holdings to walking through the front doors and meeting owners Carola and Peter, you feel like a long time friend that came for a visit or like you have a place where somebody is waiting for you and you can unwind, ultimately you can forget about any of your worldly worries here.

I’m especially excited about this stay because Wind-Rose guest house just unveiled what they call, “The Apartment”. And yours truly over here is the first person ever to spend a night in it. With its own private entrance, I walked into an apartment, breathtakingly decorated with accents of Europe and Africa all over. An apartment bigger than any residential I have lived in. And of course, in this heatwave, the team made sure that my air-conditioning was set just how I like it. Now that we can breath, I did my usual walk around the apartment. A beautiful lounge with a very comfortable modern sleeper couch became my favorite spot to sit and write, although I didn’t use it, the flat screen TV and fireplace in two opposite ends of the room made for a nice finish, next to that we have a dining area that can easily seat 4 people, the kitchen is kitted out with everything you could need for a comfortable getaway, toaster, coffee set, fridge and unlike most guest houses, and Iron and Ironing board which was my saving grace as I was heading to MC an event later the day.

Around the corner we have a bedroom with enough cupboard space even for the wildest of packers like me. If you pack 5 shirts, 10 Tshirts, 8 jeans and 5 pairs of shoes for a one night stay…….you’ll be just fine here. Next the bathroom, with a shower that can be compared to a built-in car wash, rain shower from the top and if you sing in the shower like me, there is more than enough space for a full show for you and at least two backup dancers.
The only thing softer and gentler than owner Carola’s warm welcomes are the towels and bedding in this beautifully designed apartment. It is smoother than the skin of a friendly snake and softer than the thought of sleeping on a cloud. Which is pretty much what I felt like later that evening.

“The apartment” also boasts its own balcony with breathtaking views of the Gordons Bay area in the distance, closer by you are surrounded by small holdings with horses and sheep running around their fields. Scrap what I said about the couch, this is my new favorite writing spot. Might I add that other than the balcony set provided you also have a hammock to lounge in for that real holiday feel.

The guesthouse is surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden where you can have yourself some delicious homemade breakfast. I say home made because each person’s breakfast is prepared only once you come down for it. This garden breakfast made me want to have a further walk around. Walking through the garden I discovered a beautifully enclosed pool area with loungers and yes you guessed it, space for a hammock from which to appreciate the magnificent mountain views.

But after my breakfast and living in my own Rockstar world, it was time to come back to reality, pack up and head to my next engagement for the day.

Needless to say that I was very sad to leave, but knowing what I do now, I’m definitely picking a fight with my future better half just so I can go stay in my apartment again.

A very big thank you to my lovely hosts, Carola & Peter for hosting me and make me feel so at home. I will most definitely be coming back to my beautiful apartment soon.

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