Krystal Beach – Review

When things gets a little rough in life, its always a good idea to take a step back, take some time off, take a breather and regain yourself.

My first getaway this week was exactly that. This week my first stop was a two day stay at the beautiful Krystal beach hotel in Gordons bay. And after the hot and unforgiving month of October, it was a God send.
Driving through this little town, you would not expect to find such a jewel of accommodation hidden between all the residential properties along the sea side.

Once we arrived, the ever friendly Jackson, greeted us    outside and started off loading our luggage, hes such a friendly person. He even allowed me to get onto the trolly and proceeded to wheel myself and my luggage into the hotel. This was a scene you would most likely find in a Britney Spears “Work B*tch” or Lorde “Royals” video.
Rolling through the front doors of this hotel it quickly became clear that we were no longer in what seemed to be a little fishing town. The high ceilings, modern art and finishes makes you feel like you just stepped into a proper luxury hotel in Venice.

I quickly checked in and again the ever friendly Jackson, love that man, escorted myself and my luggage upstairs to my room. Have I mentioned the air-conditioning? For those blissfully unaware souls, Cape Town has hit a little heatwave in the last week, nothing major, just some 36 degrees temperature at some stages. Relevance? I walked into a crisp cool 22 degree room 225. My first thought was “Thank God I am here for two days”

The beautiful room features a modern finish, lounge, little kitchen, a balcony with a view that will make you feel like you really are in Venice, 2 large flat screen TVs, a bedroom with a bed that can probably sleep 4 people comfortably with stunning views of the canal, but then my all time favorite, the bathroom.

This bathroom sported floor to ceiling tiles, a beautiful corner bath, a generously sized open rain shower and a modern double basin with illuminated bathroom mirror.

But probably the best feature I have seen in any hotel thus far, A travel buddy phone. Literally a cellphone that is yours to use, make free calls, navigate the town, anything. Mind blown completely.

After unpacking I decided to explore the hotel a little further. Champagne on the deck of the Krystal restaurant overlooking the canals between the properties. Tan by the pool on the second floor. A quick visit to a rather well equipped gym. A tour of the Krystal comfort spa and of course a quick hello from the man who invited me, Krystal Beach Hotel General Manager, Abre Esterhuizen.

So after a swim, a tan which I am rather proud of right now, I quickly jumped through the shower and headed down to the restaurant for dinner. The menu was straight forward, easy to understand and I could, unlike most times, make a quick decision as to what is for dinner.

A beautiful Thai Chicken Salad starter. A mains of Mint Pork Belly on a bed of rice and garden peas. A unusual combination, but well worth it. With such generous portions and me wanting to believe Im still a model, I simply had to skip dessert.

Coming back to my crisp, cool, and beautiful room I noticed my bed has been turned down for me and even a chocolate left on my pillow. This is real life, not a Hollywood movie, these guys really go the extra mile. I watched a rather funny MacGyver movie on one of the many channels provided and then slowly dozed off.

Having drawn the curtains before going to bed last night, I woke up this morning expecting it to be 6:00, I had a semi heart attach when I picked up my phone and saw it was 9:30. I overslept, almost missed breakfast, but boy oh boy was it an amazing night.

Sitting here, typing this review, having just answered the door for house keeping I think there are a few more things that I have to highlight about this hotel. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am constantly on Social media, emails or in communication with the world outside mine. Krystal Beach Hotel offers free wifi to its guests that is allowing me to do what I do best. A laundry services. Also considering the current water shortage in Cape town, its very clear the Krystal beach hotel has taken every possible step to ensure they are doing their part to reduce the use of water. Not always something everyone thinks about, but very refreshing to see.

But now that I have told you guys all about how amazing this place is, please excuse me as I go slap on the brightest pair of shorts I own and spend my last day at this hidden gem, pool side with a cocktail in my hand and an extra long straw just to avoid accidentally doing a sit up.

Find Krystal beach hotel on facebook at: Krystal Beach Hotel
Or Instagram at: krystalbeachhotel
Or online at

For more information on functions, stays etc they can be reached on: 0218407500

PS. When you speak to Abre, tell him JP says hi 😊


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