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Staying in a Sanlam Top destination award nominee villa.

A busy week like every other one in my life ended on a particularly high and spectacular note last week Thursday.
With a heavily scheduled day ahead of me and like every adventure in my life this story begins like all the rest, with my manager picking me up….

So what made this Thursday so special? Well, other than the fact that I had a clothing line shoot, a skincare product range shoot, an event with Marciel Hopkins, a quick visit to friend and former Mrs. SA finalist and her family, I got to call Homestead Villas hope for the day.

Upon arrival at the security gates, I quickly realized we are not in Kansas anymore. And when we pulled up to the reception of this beautiful luxury guesthouse, I was starting to question what world we have walked into.

Entering the classic style decorated reception area I was in absolute amazement at the amount of time, dedication and detail spent on something that is considered to be one of the most ungrateful jobs in the world. But given the wide spread thought that guest houses are just there for our convenience, this didn’t feel like a guest house or a hotel, this felt like home. So for the purpose of this review, forget what you think and know about stayover accommodation, because Im going to tell you about a new standard of staycations.
Walking through the reception area, I walked up a flight of stairs to the first “level” of the garden cottages. Staggered in 4 ascending levels, facing each other and the beautifully manicured garden with its large center water feature became the center of what was to be the canvas of my photoshoots for the day. Reading up on all that’s to offer at Homestead villas including a spa, swimming pool, wifi, meeting facilities a game room, 24 hour security and the biggest selling point to me, pet friendly accommodation! I mean, where have you ever?

Now here is where it gets even better. My actual room itself. Imagine that proud and content feeling you have after decorating your house with the things you want, instead of the things you can afford. That is the feeling that dawned on me as I walked into the lounge of my minimalist and modern villa. Beautiful high open ceilings hangs over the raw concrete floors and a floor to ceiling gas fireplace divides the bedroom and lounge area. The bedroom sports an old style sleigh bed big enough to sleep a family of 4, but covered in bedding that can only be described as something out of this world. Its somewhere between the softness of a baby’s dreams and the skin of a friendly snake.

Walking past this you are greeted by a life size vision of yourself in the floor to ceiling mirror and lighting that makes for the perfect shameless selfies. And the spacious built in cupboards make for a beautiful backdrop to do so. I even put on the complimentary robe and walked around like that for an hour, just to be THAT GUY.

Now, lets talk bathroom and lets talk heated everything. Other than the amazing fireplace in the room, the air conditioner strong enough to turn the north pole into the Sahara temperature wise, which was much needed at that time of Cape Town winter I might add, I think everything in the bathroom was heated. Not that I needed to find out but Im sure even the loo seat was heated. What I do know is the floor is heated, the towel rails are heated. The shower with its open and modern splendidness makes you feel like you are standing under the downpour of a very warm and happy cloud.

All said and done, shoots, events, washing all the product out of my hair and makeup off my face. I climbed into the giant bed and was a gone for the night. Odd considering I don’t sleep easily in places I haven’t been before. But considering how peaceful, quiet and safe it felt, Im not surprised at how well I slept.

But unfortunately the next day, I could not be THAT GUY anymore, I had to hang up the robe, pack up all my stuff, head out to breakfast, a very generous eggs, macon, toast, coffee & juice was waiting for me, just to add to the feeling of “I don’t want to leave”.

All good things comes has to come to an end but that does not mean we cant revisit them again right? So if you ever need a home away from home or a little down the road around the corner break, the Homestead Villas is definitely your escape. Whether its for a photoshoot, a romantic getaway, a little alone time, a business trip or whatever the reason, you are sure to find comfort and a friendly welcome here.

Thank you, Homestead Villas, for hosting me and my team for my shoot and for the amazing stay. We will definitely be back soon again.

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