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So lets talk food…..

You’ve heard me say this a million times, “I train the way I do, because I eat the way I do” and this past weekend was no exception.

So after a gruelingly long day of work and back to back meetings, My manager and I had the absolute pleasure of being treated to dinner at Beluga Restaurant. This hidden gem is located in The Foundry or simply put 70 Prestwich road, De Waterkant. Surrounded by office buildings, it offers a unique (Cape Town wind free) outdoor dining experience. Be that as it may, after fighting a bit of a cold, we decided to sit inside the beautiful restaurant instead.


Upon arrival we were greeted at the door with friendly smiles and helpful staff and quickly walked to our table. I remember walking past their “wine cellar wall” thinking to myself: “I need one of those in the house”.

Once we sat down and soon after, Beluga`s marketing manager, Muhammed Ismail , came over to have a quick chat to us, an hour if not more after his shift ended. What a lovely guy. Might I add, between him and my manager, they setup this dinner in what seemed to me like 10 minutes flat. Regardless, the evening was perfect. And our bottle of wine has been chilling awaiting our arrival….talk about service.

Soon after I was greeted by an even friendlier face. This was Samuel, our server for the evening. Now having been in the hospitality industry, I know what an ungrateful job it can be sometimes, but seeing this man’s friendliness and enthusiasm to make our evening spectacular was a breath of fresh air.

But what is good service without good food right? We got right into it and ordered our starters. One order of CRISPY CALAMARI, Spice-fried baby calamari, crispy pickled vegetables with a spicy peanut dressings. I know it sounds a bit odd, calamari & peanut dressing, but believe me, it works.

And our other order, TUNA CRUNCH 8 Tuna tempura, cream cheese, tempura battered, QP mayo, sweet chilli reduction….I had this dinner on Friday, it is Monday, I still don’t have words to describe how good this is.

Next up was the mains and boy what a main it was. This time, my manager and I decided to go for the same thing and lower the chances of us stealing each other’s food… FILLET with Roasted baby potatoes, peri-peri reduction, pickled onions….Soft, tender and bursting with flavor….and our plan to order the same thing failed. I had mine and half of Ryno’s.


With regular checkups from Samuel, our perfectly chilled wine was served, our glasses were full at all times and our orders come out rather fast, needles to say, I was having a pretty good time so far.

Lastly, that naughty little indulgence, dessert.

In the hope of ordering something I wouldn’t like, my manager decided to go for something different to mine. I had the most amazing Vanilla Crème Brûlée that I have had in a long time, Chef Zumbo from Zumbos just desserts would have a tear in your eye.

Ryno went for the White Chocolate Beignets with ice cream and caramel sauce. I will admit, once again, I had mine and half of his….it was just that good. Once you’ve been there and somebody has that while sitting next to you and you don’t want to try it, then you can judge me 😉


Throughout all of this, server Samuel kept a watchful eye and made sure we were well taken care of.

But, like all good things, this lovely dinner had to come to an end but the one thing I noticed that was very cool, as you exit the restaurant there is a big martini glass filled with jelly beans instead of the normal boring mints in the bill folder. How awesome is that?

Redefining the way restaurants work, good food and good service, Beluga is a definite must visit for any came town local or visitor.

You can find more details on this amazing restaurant on Facebook at: or on their website at:


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