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The longest birthday celebrations ever……And it was amazing.

Ok, so once you are closer to 30 than what you are to 20, people start getting mixed feelings about becoming older… that as it may, even with every wrinkle bringing year, we all love a good spoil and some presents…..So I think I found the trick to dealing with becoming older….celebrate longer!

My birthday was on the 22nd of June, and for the purposes of this article, I turned 26. (In my own mind at least) So considering that my friends and loved ones had plans for me for the weekend. It didn’t exactly help that my other half’s birthday was just a few days earlier, because now we just had double the plans…..

But after a dinner or two and a few drinks with friends or 6, I thought to myself: “Ok that’s it, done with this birthday now.” Wrong!
So the following Monday my manager arrived at my apartment in Waterfront to pick me up for what I was assuming was a business meeting. I didn’t understand why I had to pack an overnight bag, but then I remembered that I had my Truworths shoot the following day (Keep an eye on my socials for that by the way) Regardless, I did as I was told, packed my stuff like the good 26 year old that I am and got in the car.
But not before being blown away by the absolutely amazing gifts I got, one in particular, an image from a previous shoot with my favorite photographer, black and white and framed in black. A gift from Ryno
& Dionne. What began as a “you look like a vampire” joke on set turned into one stunning image… have a look….
After yet another shopping spree at Truworths Canal Walk, we made the first stop. Century Spa……Assuming this was our meeting, I walked in all business ready. Once greeted by the first therapist I gathered this is no ordinary meeting, especially after she asked me to take my shirt off.
So here to my surprise, a birthday spoil. A 45min back, neck and shoulder massage….and wasn’t it just what I needed. The thing I can remember about the massage before drifting off was, 1. darn this woman is strong for a girl. When she continued to give me a scalp massage I thought about point number 2. What is my hair going to look like when I’m done here and 3. Do I really care what it looks like? Nope….I laid there in comfort feeling every care in the world drifting away.

After the massage, driven around Cape Town to the point of my own confusion, we found ourselves at The Dolphin beach hotel. By this point the jig was up and I knew I haven’t escaped my birthday celebrations just yet. Upon checking in and arrival to my birthday pad, the first thing I noticed is that it was significantly warmer inside. Once I checked my room, the staff very nicely placed the heater in my room and even put it on for me! I mean, I’m not Paris Hilton but damn, I could get use to this. But then again no less could be expected from a team run by the power lady of Cape Town herself, Lee- Ann Singer and her trusted number 2, Karen Goosen who oversee the daily running of this hotel.
After a glass of Champaign and the most beautiful sushi at the Blowfish restaurant, I decided that this was another day off and took full advantage of my toasty warm room and huge ass bed.
Later that evening we went back to the Blowfish restaurant for dinner….Can I just say, my manager does not like fish, he finished his and I have never seen so much food on one plate or be devoured by one person… aka, me!
Our dinner included stir-fry veggies, steamed rice, mussels, prawns and a generous portion of fresh fish. Again, I’ve never seen Ryno (My manager for those who don’t know him) eat fish before, that should tell you something.
After dinner we decided to take a walk on the beach, but considering the amount of food we ate, I felt like a whale and insisted that I was cold and was going back to my bed.
The next morning we went for breakfast at….yes you guessed it, Blowfish! Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, French toast, juices, coffee, tea….. everything a growing boy needs to start his day was spread across the beautiful restaurant overlooking the Blouberg beaches and ocean.

After which, I got ready because after all, now its time to work. Sad and not wanting to, I packed my stuff (all 5 bags, because only I pack 8 shirts for one days stay over) and off we went to meet my photographer, Dionne Jordaan.

Regardless if it’s a full campaign shoot, a look book, some content shots or just a get together, it is always a hoot to have Dionne and Ryno together on a shoot, I mean you cant pay for that type of entertainment.
3 Looks, 4 wardrobe changes and a couple of “Take the photo, Im freezing” later, we finished my Truworths lookbook. We decide the festivities are still not over, I mean, who only celebrates their birthday for 1 day right?
Popping into a quaint little restaurant on the shore, we had time for one more Champaign to celebrate the success of our shoot, and as if we haven’t eaten enough over the past two days, a quick snack before we went back to adult reality.
Having feared for another year of age, another possible grey hair or two (I don’t get those between my naturally black hair of course 🙂 I realized that getting older was a blessing, continuously being loved and supported with each passing year, is a blessing.
And if that’s not enough, celebrate your birthday until you forgot it was your birthday.
I want to say a very big thank you to Ryno, for putting all of this together. The amazing team at Century SPA, Truworths for my shopping spree, Dionne for my amazing images and always making my shoots such fun, Lee-Anne Singer and the amazing team at The Dolphin Beach Hotel & Blowfish restaurant.
And very last but not least, a VERY VERY big thank you to all of you reading this, because without all of you, I would not be living my dream.

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