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So anybody that knows me or that watches my social media, knows that I am obsessed with my skincare and the products that goes hand in hand with flawless skin.

I thought, I would highlight some of my favorite skincare products from Theravine SA.

So lets cover the MUST HAVE BASICS….

The first thing I do every morning and one of the last things I do at night before bed, is a facewash. In the morning it’s a case of waking up and getting ready for the day, at night it’s a case of washi g off the impurities of the day from touching your face, wash off makeup or just giving your skin a fresh feel before bed. Nothing does this better than the Theravine active daily facewash.

A trifunctional foaming gel that gently cleanses the skin and in the case of men, can also be used as a shaving foam and as somebody who is not a fan of shaving, this really works. Strong enough to cleanse your skin, yet mild enough to be used twice a day.

The next thing in my regime is exfoliation.

For this I use the Theravine Energizing Exfoliating Gel. A highly effective cleansing gel that sloughs off dead skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh, energized and glowing. Fun fact, it can also be used before shaving. I use this at least 3 times a week.

Moving on to a face mask, I use the Theravine Hydrating gel maks. The name says it all……HYDRATING. Simple and easy to use with no mess like most masks out there, this is great to give your skin that added bit of moisture it needs after a rough day.

The next thing I swear by is the Theravine Hydrating Eye Gel &Vitavine antiwrinkle skin booster. The hydrating eye gel reduces the appearance of puffiness or dark circles under the eyes and gives you a more relaxed and smoother feel to the eye area. The Vitavine speaks for itself. A highly concentrated serum that smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? I mean, who wants wrinkles? Being in an industry where appearance is everything, Ive started to wonder where I can get this by the truckload.

Moving on to the next and last step, depending on the time of day. A GOOD day/nightcream and a good SPF 30. Specifically, the Theravine Sun defence.

So for the day cream I use the Theravine Intensive hydrating day cream. Why the intensive? Because Im a man and shaving sucks. This product contains a moisturizing molecular film that creates a long lasting moisturizing effect that helps to restore hydration after shaving…..Have I mentioned how much I dislike shaving?

Regardless if its cloudy or if you work in an office or spend most of your day indoors, SPF SPF SPF people! Having a father that has suffered from skin cancer, I leave nothing to chance. Ok, so lets park off here for a moment and something I really need to highlight is the fact that the Theravine Sun Defence SPF30 is unlike any other sunscreen. Firstly, it doesn’t cause a oily look to your skin, it doesn’t leave white streaks of lotion on your skin or in your beard or hairline and it contains both UVA and UVB photoprotectors. Don’t know what those are? Checkout this link: CLICK HERE

And then for the grand final before bed, a good night cream. I use the Theravine Anti-wrinkle night cream. Now some of you are saying: wow, that’s a lot of anti-wrinkle products. And you’re right, it is, but take it from an almost 30-year-old model. Prevention is better than cure. What is interesting about this product is that it contains peptides and proteins to visibly reduce the signs of wrinkles.

So other than the fact that, their products are amazing, readily available, the biggest factor for me. Theravine is one of the few skincare ranges out there that DOES NOT test their products on animals.

This is my basic daily routine with my everyday Theravine products, keep an eye out for my next blog on some of my other Theravine goodies like the Contouring Retinol Eye Pads.

If you would like to find out more about Theravine and its products check out their website at or hit them up on social media.

Until next time, be safe, stay true and do you!


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